Macross Zero Hi-Metal R Roy Fokker’s VF-0S Phoenix

From the 2002 direct-to-video anime “Macross Zero,” Roy Focker’s VF-0S Phoenix joins the Hi-Metal R series! Featuring a full transformation into all three modes: Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battloid, it also includes FAST packs and air-to-air missiles. Decorated with Focker’s personal colors and skull marking!


Product Features

5.50 inches (13.97cm)

Made of metal and plastic

From the Macross Zero anime film

Transforms between Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battloid modes

Fully articulated

Box Contents

VF-0S Phoenix figure

Pilot figure

Suspended wings

4 Pairs of hands

Battloid mode small wings

Battloid mode head cannons


Pitot tube

4 Missiles

Leg boosters

Display joint set

Air intake shutters

Landing gear set



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