Hololive Production V2 EN Booster Box

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Take a step toward the future with your favorite talents in hololive production Vol.2! More talents are joining the stage of Weiß Schwarz to create unforgettable memories!

There will also be a pre-sale of Booster Pack hololive production Vol.2 at Anime Expo 2023!

Product Information


Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a hot stamped autographed card by the following talents:


0th Generation

◆ Tokino Sora ◆ Robocosan ◆ AZKi ◆ Sakura Miko ◆ Hoshimachi Suisei ◆

1st Generation

◆ Yozora Mel ◆ Aki Rosenthal ◆ Akai Haato ◆ Shirakami Fubuki ◆ Natsuiro Matsuri ◆

2nd Generation

◆ Minato Aqua ◆ Murasaki Shion ◆ Nakiri Ayame ◆ Yuzuki Choco ◆ Oozora Subaru ◆


◆ Shirakami Fubuki ◆ Ookami Mio ◆ Nekomata Okayu ◆ Inugami Korone ◆

3rd Generation

◆ Usada Pekora ◆ Shiranui Flare ◆ Shirogane Noel ◆ Houshou Marine ◆

4th Generation

◆ Amane Kanata ◆ Tsunomaki Watame ◆ Tokoyami Towa ◆ Himemori Luna ◆

5th Generation

◆ Yukihana Lamy ◆ Momosuzu Nene ◆ Shishiro Botan ◆ Omaru Polka ◆


◆ La+ Darknesss ◆ Takane Lui ◆ Hakui Koyori ◆ Sakamata Chloe ◆ Kazama Iroha ◆

hololive Indonesia

1st Generation

◆ Ayunda Risu ◆ Moona Hoshinova ◆ Airani Iofifteen ◆

2nd Generation

◆ Kureiji Ollie ◆ Anya Melfissa ◆ Pavolia Reine ◆

hololive English


◆ Mori Calliope ◆ Takanashi Kiara ◆ Ninomae Ina’nis ◆ Gawr Gura ◆ Watson Amelia ◆


◆ Ceres Fauna ◆ Ouro Kronii ◆ Nanashi Mumei ◆ Hakos Baelz ◆

Project: HOPE

◆ IRyS ◆

The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards that have card numbers beginning with 「HOL/」!


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