Demon Slayer – PM Perching Statue – Inosuke Hashibira

The hot-headed hashira Inosuke Hashibira takes a snack break in this charming PM Perching statue from SEGA!

Featuring a removable boars head, the hungry hashira measures around 3.5″ tall in his sitting pose.


You can always find this hot-headed Demon slayer with his signature boar mask found in the anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba. However, underneath the mask holds a boy with the most beautiful facial features found around Japan.


Never wanting to slow down, he charges from mission to mission to prove that he is the strongest demon slayer out there. Utilizing his Beast Breathing swordsmanship and with his enhanced sense of touch, he faces his enemies with the powerful killing instinct of wild beasts.


Height: 3.9″

Package: Closed box


Out of stock

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